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The Advantage!

The JM Rodkey, Co Advantage is unparalleled.   Second to none. 

Ask any competitor if they can offer this . . .

Support Network Advantage JM Rodkey Home Insepction Staff No other inspection company offers the breadth of support that comes with each inspection.   

Payment Advantage

 Credit_Cards_for_JMRodkey_Home_Inspections Payment Advantage: Cash, Check, PayPal and Credit Cards are accepted for all inspections services.

Home Wizard Newsletter
 Home Wizard As our client, you'll receive our monthly eNewletter with helpful home maintenance tips and article.  You can also register your appliances for recall checks. 

Ethical Advantage
$10K Honor Guarantee
Ethical Advantage: In conjunction with NACHI's high ethical standards, our integrity is backed by a $10K honor guarantee against unethical conduct.  Only NACHI certified inspectors can offer you this Advantage.


Consultation Advantage: Even after the inspection,  we are part of your resource team.  At any time you can call for advice on operating your home, or questions about the inspection, at no charge.  We're the only company without a time limit on this Advantage.

Report Delivery
w/i 48 hours

Inspection_Report Report Advantage: The faster we can get the report to you without compromising its accuracy the better.  Often reports are emailed by midnight of the inspection day, but always they are in your inbox with 24 hours. (The only time we couldn't do this was in Oct. 2011 when the power and cable was out for seven days. Even then we managed to find local Wi-Fi and get things out within two days.) That's a great Advantage!

I-PAD_Email Agent Advantage
Strong communication with your Agent
Agent Advantage: Your agent needs to know what is going on if they are to do their best for you.  We constantly communicate with your agent to confirm appointments, share information, and answer questions.  This assures they can be the best help possible for you.  Only two companies offer this Advantage in the area, and we're on of them.

Home Owner Advantage
Manual for your home
Home_Inspection_Book A lot of care and maintenance goes into home ownership.  Our first-time home buyer can feel overwhelmed by the unexpected issues of a house.  This extensive manual is part of the home inspection for any first-time home buyer.  Only NACHI inspectors offer your this Advantage!

Notepad_and_Pen Continuing Education Advantage Education Advantage: We're never resting on our laurels like some.  Keeping up with industry trends and staying above mandated minimums assures you the most competent inspection we can possibly provide. C.E. Log JM Rodkey is also a graduate of B.U, hold as Master's degree and studies business management at Harvard University. No one gives you this Advantage

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