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A MA Home Inspection looks to,

"...disclose the physical conditions of the systems and components listed in 266 CMR 6.04 which are Readily Accessible and Observable, including those systems and components, which are Safety Hazards as Observed at the time of the inspection." (Massachusetts 266 CMR 6.00 Standards of Practice),

 This includes: roofs, walls, siding, soffits, fascia, corner boards, trim, caulking,Old Homes Insections with JM Rodkey, Co., JM Rodkey, Co., specializes in old homes. chimney (exterior), exterior faucets, exterior lighting, exterior electrical, site grading, gutters and downspouts, roof Home Inspection floor Plans, Amherst Northampton MA, New Home Plans for Amherst, Northamptonvents, plumbing vents, flashing, exhaust vents, retaining walls, foundations, decks, balconies, porches, driveways, walkways, guardrails, steps, electric service wires, electric meter, electric service panel, branch wires, circuit breakers, fuses, sub-panels, amperage ratings, connections, electrical boxes, well equipment, water service pipe, water meter bonding, electrical grounding, electrical shut off location, water shut off location, fuel shut off location, indications of water  penetration, furnace, boiler, air handler, AC compressor, AC service lines, duct work, laundry shut off, plumbing crossTools, Home Inspection Tools of the Trade connections, dryer vents, type of fuel, water heater, temperature and pressure relieve valve, discharge pipe, expansion tank, flue pipe, chimney tile, interior chimney, chimney clean out, fuel filter location, air filter, support columns, weight bearing beams, sills, floor joists, rim joists,  sub-floor, basement floors, garage firewalls, garage doors, automatic garage door openers, exterior doors, sliding doors, patio doors, skylights, windows, closets, tiles, drywall, counters, cabinets, dishwasher, refrigerators, disposals, oven, broiler, cook top, kitchen exhaust, GFCI protection, AFCI protection, receptacle grounding, water temperature, water faucets, ejector pumps, toilets, doors, interior stairs, basement stairs, hand rails, balusters, tub stoppers, sink stoppers, shower and tub water temperature, basement insulation, attic insulation, wall insulation, foundation insulation, pipe insulation, duct insulation, waste pipe, vent pipe, water supply pipes, switches, dimmers, ceiling fans, attic access scuttle, roof ventilation, soffit ventilation, gable ventilation, ridge vents, ceilings, walls, floors, bathroom fans, bathroom fan exhaust, closet lights, three-way switches, ...

... well, you get the idea.       

Of course, we can ONLY inspect components the we can see and are accessible.  We cannot see through walls (as much as we would like too).  But, we LOOK FOR ANY SIGNS a condition to which you can CONSULT the appropriately LICENSED PROFESSIONAL of that TRADE. 

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