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Katiie LyonsKatie Lyons Maple and Main Realty LLC Just wanted to say thanks again.  It's always a pleasure to work with you, you are incredibly thorough and very professional, and always impress the clients. I cannot thank you enough for your dedication and hard work!  

Dorothy Fontana Coldwell Bankers Town and Country, Sturbridge    Hi John: Thank you for an excellent inspection and a nice way of presenting the issues.  You have the best written report I have ever seen.  I will recommend you to future customers.

Brian Cirelli • Cirelli Real Estate, Barre, MA • Thanks John, I'm glad to see my buyers chose an inspector with competence and understanding of older buildings, especially one that is 233 years old.  Most inspectors are unable to see beyond the obvious and evaluate the true condition of the structure and advise my clients accordingly; something you certainly were able to do.  Thanks again, Brian

Jim LumleyJim Lumley Jones Group, Amherst •   Great job. [The buyer] showed the report to a family member who said he wished he had used you when he bought his house.  Very comprehensive.  

Holly Young Delap Real Estate, Northampton You have a knack for reading people, of knowing when they are feeling anxious, and what style of communication they will be comfortable with. The preliminary email and the report you give are superb-- it's almost a shame buyers don't get 2 inspections so they know how good they have it. I look forward to many more inspections with you this year! 

Besty Marble at Coldwell Banker Chicopee MABetsy Marble  Coldwell Banker, Chicopee   Thank you very much.  I look forward to working with you again, as I continue as a real estate agent.  You have been one of the friendliest and most knowledgeable home inspectors I have met, and made everyone at ease while you were in their home.  Also, I enjoy working with people who arrive on time for an appointment and actually call when they say they will, instead of leaving the customer wondering. 

Buddy Clark Denny Nolan Real Estate, Northampton •     It is always a great Pleasure to work with you.  I Enjoy your  Great Detailed Work and the Feeling of How much you enjoy what you do.  It shows that you have a great passion for Homes and Craftmanship !! Keep up the Good Work.  Hope your Enjoying the Day. Best Regards.

Shangzhu Wang at Coldwell Banker Chicopee MAShangzhu Wang • Coldwell Bankers, Chicopee•   It was very nice meeting you, and you are certainly very professional and friendly. Your report was clear, detailed and very easy to understand with pictures. I'm sure my client will be pleased by your services. I will certainly recommend you to my other clients in the future. Thank you again!  Best,

Barbara Demerski     You are the only inspectors I have worked with who offer this service to confirm appointments with us and our clients, which I think is great.  Here’s a suggestion: We strongly feel that the best way of approaching a sale is to have the home inspection FIRST.  Too often the buyer presents their offer before having a full understanding of the property, and then comes the home inspection and further negotiations with the sellers.  This only makes things much more difficult.  If our sellers could use you FIRST to get ahead of the curve and know what needs to be addressed BEFORE they list their property, I believe would really clarify things all around.  So, if your thinking of selling your home, I encourage you to call Friendly Home Inspection for a Seller’s Inspection FIRST.  Ok, that is My News of the day.  Thanks-

Dominic Miceli  I am a real estate broker and always appreciate a thorough inspector.  I have not found a perfect house yet!  I think every home on the market has some issues.  I know that some deals fall through because of an inspector's report, but that has never bothered me.  None of us want to squash the dreams of a new home owner, but we can't let our emotions cloud our judgment.  You both tell it in real terms.  If it’s scary, I’m glad you point it out.  What you find may cost some money, but it can also save thousands and even lives.  You are worth every penny and more to me and my clients.