Pastor John

The Rev. John Mark Rodkey

A dynamic, compassionate vision for life, ministry and faith

Position on Scripture


I am continually astounded at the relevance of the holy writ.  There are times I would like to push the meanings, twist the interpretation, ignore the words. However, when I do, I find I am fighting an internal battle.  Then, when taken in good exegetical integrity and the Word is allowed to be what it is on its own accord, and I accept it, inevitably I discover life falls into place.   

The joy of pastoring, to a large degree, comes from the privilege to meditate on the scripture, to let it permeate the mind and heart where others have not the time.  My agenda dissolves in this reflection and truth emerges that transcends all space and time.

Experience has shown me the Word is inerrant, but I am not.  It is like a basket of flashlight, each one shining is a different direction, illuminating something unique and particular.  Not all of it applies to my time and my age, but it is all there illuminating something for some purpose for someone in some age. 

It is the Word of God, and I love it and respect it.