Pastor John

The Rev. John Mark Rodkey

A dynamic, compassionate vision for life, ministry and faith

Statement of Faith


I believe in the one God of all that is, was, will be and is not! 
I believe Jesus is the Christ, the only begotten Son of the God of all.

Credo in unum Deum omnium, erat, erit, et non! (Rev. 1:4) 
Credo Jesu est Christe, est Fili unigenite Deum omnium! (John 3:16)

 Let me explain:

Belief itself is the driving force of life, the one thing upon which hang your decisions, values, priorities, hopes and passions. 

Without a doubt, I know there is just one God, not one among many.  I don't choose to "believe" this, it simply is the reality of the universe, so I don't say things like, "May your god be with you," or "The gods must be smiling."  That just isn't the way reality has been revealed to me, and not what has been revealed through the ages through scripture. 

This one God is Lord of all, whether we recognize it or not.  The omnipresence of God has been the Lord of all things past, all things present, and, I believe, the Lord of even those things that do not yet exist; and dare I say, even of the things that do not exist. 

One unusual, unsurpassed, unequalled, unequivocal event in human history shifted the sands of time when Jesus manifest a union between the omnipotent God and the limitation of human consciousness, had his being fully placed in both domains and let us of limited perception and infinite arrogance, play out the utter worst humanity could deal: try to kill God. 

The wild card, the divine comedy, the last laugh came when even the death and sin we fired at God proved benign, and out of the depth of the hell that ruled our lives, Christ arose.

There is no grave dark enough to hold Him.  There is no despair deep enough to avoid Him.  "Even if I go to the farthest reaches of the ocean, Their Thou art!" Ruler of us all whether we recognize it or not, Jesus IS Lord.

"So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord." (Rom 14:8)