Post Inspection Analysis

After the field work we take time to look at the data again in more detail. 

You'll notice during the inspection we are taking many photographs.  On average the shutter is snapped 412 times.  Many of these picture will be in your final inspection report to help identify components and issues.  Others are used to record data.  All of them are run through contrast filters to accentuate water stains, wood grain, window seals, and other areas to highlight issues that may not have been immediately visible.  It takes time, no doubt, but this is an effort to assure you we are covering as much of the home as feasible.

Also, after the inspection we work with Casey O'Malley Associates to review any questionable conditions or components we may have encountered.  This the the same consulting team we keep on-line during the field work.  All-in-all, their efforts help assure your report is as accurate as we can make it.

Keep in mind, no matter how much pre-inspection, field inspection and post inspection work we do, no home inspection can be exhaustive.  The Massachusetts Standard of Practice, every aware of these limitation, acknowledged that much of the work is representative of the house at the time of the inspection.  Still, we do what we can to be a comprehensive as possible.

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